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How did I struggle with the task scheduler service WebSitePanel

We received an application from the user that they stopped working in WebSitePanel scheduled tasks. When stopped working is not known. Most likely, when we updated the panel to the new version (from 2.0 to 2.1). In the new version of the panel, the developers decided to bring the Task Scheduler service to a separate Windows service. Previously, it was part of the Enterprise server.

I think this service probably flew out, I go to the server and look, indeed the service is stopped. Running. I think everything is OK, I'm preparing to unsubscribe to the client, I'm watching the processes - there is no service, I update the snap services - the service is stopped. For the sake of truth I try to run it again, the same result.

I go, see what is written by viewing the events, there are two events, the first that the service was unexpectedly completed, the second that:

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Migrating sites from IIS7 to IIS8.5

Hello. I was given the next task - to migrate the sites that are hosted on Windows 2008 to Windows 2012R2. Difficulties turned out to be that every site revolves on a separate application pool, from an individual user whose password is not known. Sites are pretty much and almost all have different settings (isapi filters, etc.). If you transfer using WebDeploy, then at least users will not be saved.

Below I will tell you how to migrate sites with IIS7 to IIS8.5 as transparently as possible for clients.

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Managing zones on a Microsoft Windows 2012 DNS server using PowerShell scripts

Hello. There was a task to migrate DNS servers. It was necessary to migrate secondary and primary DNS servers. The following are examples of powershell scripts that allow you to copy all zones from the primary DNS server to secondary, copy all the zones from the primary server to the primary server, and delete all zones on the server.

Copying zones:

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How to enable test mode on windows 2012

To install unsigned drivers on Windows Server 2012, you have to disable the Digital Signature Driver Verification.

In previous versions (before 2008 R2 or something like that), you could simply disable the check through group policies in gpedit.msc (User Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> System-> Driver Installation, Code Signing for Device Drivers). Now the rigid concept of security is replaced by the brutal arbitrariness of Microsoft. Fortunately, they still left a loophole.

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Bottleneck searching on Windows

Good day

Fine day, nothing boded ill. But here came the problem - the speed of some application was unacceptably small, and last week / month / day ago everything was fine. We need to solve it quickly, spending as little time as possible. A server with problem running Windows Server 2003 or later.

I hope the following script will be brief and understandable enough and useful to both novice administrators and more serious comrades, you can always find something new for yourself. Do not immediately rush to explore the behavior of the application. First of all, is it worthwhile to see if there is enough server performance at the moment? Are there any "bottlenecks" that limit its performance?

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Netrwork configuration in PowerShell and nic teaming

To configure network with PowerShell you need to do:

1) Get the list of network interfaces: Get-NetIPInterface

2) Set address, mask and gateway: new-netipaddress -interfacealias "manage" -ipaddress "" -prefixlength 21 -defaultgateway

3) Set DNS servers: set-dnsclientserveraddress -interfaceindex 30 -ServerAddresses,

To add network adapter to nic teaming:

New-NetLbfoTeam -Name TestTeam -TeamMembers "Ethernet", "Ethernet 2" -WhatIf'

This command will create switchindependent team, with dynamic balancing.

Эта команда создаст switchindependent team, с динамической балансировкой. For convenience, you can rename adapters as well as temporarily disable the firewall and configure it remotely via mmc:

$NetAdapter = $NetAdapter | Rename-NetAdapter -NewName $NIC.NIC -PassThru netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off

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