Configuring Windows Firewall for Web Sites, FTP and DNS

In this article, I'll show you how to configure Windows Firewall for a server that hosts sites and FTP, as well as DNS. There is nothing supernatural in this procedure, except that it will be necessary in IIS Manager to configure the port range for the passive mode of the FTP server.

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The option of bypassing locks of Internet resources at work. Configure the SSH tunnel.

In this article I will show you how to organize an ssh tunnel from a computer running Windows. The server can be a computer with Linux on board, or your router. If the router from the box does not support SSH, then you can put custom firmware and most likely it will support SSH.

It's not always possible to create a full-fledged VPN tunnel, and this is not always necessary. For example, if you want to connect to your home from work, and if you have strict rules on using the Internet at work, then most likely you will have ports that can be plugged in which you can connect, so to speak, in full ways. But in most cases it is bypassed using SSH.

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How did I struggle with the task scheduler service WebSitePanel

We received an application from the user that they stopped working in WebSitePanel scheduled tasks. When stopped working is not known. Most likely, when we updated the panel to the new version (from 2.0 to 2.1). In the new version of the panel, the developers decided to bring the Task Scheduler service to a separate Windows service. Previously, it was part of the Enterprise server.

I think this service probably flew out, I go to the server and look, indeed the service is stopped. Running. I think everything is OK, I'm preparing to unsubscribe to the client, I'm watching the processes - there is no service, I update the snap services - the service is stopped. For the sake of truth I try to run it again, the same result.

I go, see what is written by viewing the events, there are two events, the first that the service was unexpectedly completed, the second that:

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Remote control of a Windows computer from the command line

Hello. Sometimes there are tasks when you need to do something on a remote computer, or there is no possibility to connect via RDP, for example, if the server is suddenly heavily loaded, and it does not have enough resources to start the terminal session (yes, I have met, do not say That often, but it happened). Either from the command line the task is done faster. Well, or else as an option, if you need something to do secretly, in the event that the user at the time when you need to do it working on the computer. Linux users are much easier with this, they have ssh. But in Windows it is possible to connect, if I may say so, to the command line.

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Configuring a bridge in Ubuntu for KVM

In order for the network to work correctly on KVM virtual machines created on the Ubuntu host, you need to configure the bridge. If you do not configure it, the machine will have access to the Internet, but there will be no access to the other hosts on that network. The configuration is similar to setting up a network in Ubuntu with minor changes to the config.

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How to disable IPv6 in Ubuntu

I've collide here with an incomprehensible situation in Ubuntu, if you turn on the bridge for KVM, if you get an IPv6 address, this IPv6 hangs fast, about once every 5-10 minutes, when the interface is restarted, everything starts to work for 5-10 minutes, then hangs again. In this case, IPv4 continues to work. Routes like IPv6 and IPv4 remain. Because of what many resources stop working, google, yandex, update the application database (apt-get update). In general, all that can work on IPv6 safely stops working when the bridge hangs. In the logs, there are no errors, where to dig is not clear. It is exactly known that this is happening on Ubuntu 15.10, at 14.04 it works like a clock.

In short, I was tired of restarting the network interface every 10 minutes, and I decided to just disable IPv6.

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